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Why Go Solar?

Discover the Benefits of Going Solar

Increase Home Value

Increase the value of your home by installing solar panels by Suncor Solar.

Save Money

By transitioning to solar energy, you can secure a consistent rate that matches or even lowers the price compared to your current expenses!

Earn Federal Tax Credits

The ITC will provide a 30% tax credit on your installation costs, provided that your taxable income is greater than the credit itself.

Control Your Electricity

Take pride in the fact that you own & have full control of your electricity - only with Suncor Solar.

Power Payments

Start today with affordable monthly payments and zero money out of pocket.

Help The Enviroment

Save the environment by switching to solar to help sustain the beautiful planet we live on

Deliver High Quality Solar Panels at an Affordable Rate
One of the most creative and long-lasting investments you can make for your home is having a solar power system installed. Capture all the power of Florida’s sunshine, while using it to lower your monthly energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and earn federal solar tax credit.
Why Solar Energy & Solar Panels?
While fossil fuels have been the world’s dominant source of electricity, the benefits of solar energy are plentiful, and it has become one of the fastest-growing energy resources in the world. Each hour, the sun beams enough rays down to earth to power the entire world’s energy needs for an entire year! Using solar panels, we have the ability to harness and distribute this clean and renewable energy source.
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10X Our Goal

Offset Your Monthly Energy Costs With Our Contemporary Solar Panels

You will instantly begin to offset your energy costs the moment you implement your new solar energy system. It's that simple! It doesn't matter whether your solar panels are designed to generate 60, 70, or 80 percent of your power; you will start to notice savings on your monthly bills in no time at all. Why should you be forced to pay inflated rates to your electric company, while contending with yearly pricing spikes? Instead, go solar and save!

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Our Satisfied Customers

Dj Kelley

Suncor is a great company, their staff is knowledgeable about their products. I dealt with a young man named Noah who was eager to help and answer any questions that I had, I would give him a 10/10.  All around a wonderful experience with this company. Wish I could give them more stars!

Crystal Ward

I'm excited to be getting a solar system by Suncor Solar. Adrianna set my appointment and was very friendly and helpful. Ruben was my energy specialist and was very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions about the addition of a solar energy system to our home and what to expect out of this endeavor. I'm looking forward to having to own power rather then rent it from here on out. This will also be allow me to get some much needed improvements done as well. Kudos to Ruben for getting this process started for me!

Whitney Smith

Suncor is an awesome company and am excited to have this solar system and low monthly power bills and knowing it will be the same every month for 25years!! Also, Dominic Mann’s and Hiram Najar were really amazing to work with closing this deal down! Excellent service!

Constance Orians

Rachel was sincere, knowledgeable, and caring. Lucky to have her.  She was able to answer our questions and what she didn’t know she was quick to find out. Love this!!  for us and respond.

Derron Anderson

I have my solar system for almost a year now. This is the best decision I have made since this pandemic. My solar rep Taneshe guided me throughout the entire process and is my go to girl if I have any questions even to date. She is very knowledgeable and is very professional at what she does. I would definitely recommend Suncor Solar to anyone interested in going solar.